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What is Assign Me?

Its difficult for companies or individuals who lead field work force to manage, view we location and maintain their Daily Time-sheets, Task Assignments, lob Scheduling, Client Management. Employee coordination and communication. Many companies are looking for effective tools to manage and track their field work force. AssignMe provides a collection of powerful tools to Improve productivity and lower operational costs of managing field employees and operations. AssignMe users come from all kind of businesses managing everything from field sales to field services.

AssignME is a powerful & highly customizable Mobile enabled solution with best-in-class features for managing your field work force. It provides Employee Location Tracking With Advanced Geo-fencing Capabilities, Location Maps, Security Alerts, Daily Time-sheets, Task Assignments and lob Scheduling, Client Management, Employee Messaging. Custom Data Forms for Field Employees, and many more advanced features needed to run complex and diverse field operations.

Our Features


AssignMe app is designed to give you • bird's eye view to all your field staff on a Web dashboard. You know where they are at Al times. So, if they need any help, you can arrange one in minutes.


You can create tasks for your field staff and assign them using highly Intuitive Web interface. Our task definition Is flexible to allow many kinds of tasks such as service, pick-up, deliveries, emergency planning, sales leads, on-sde daily assignments etc.


AssIgnMe app Includes onfinereporting and business intelli. gene tools that helps you easily analyse your business data, and create insightful reports & dashboards for Informed decision-making.


AssignMe app allows businesses to send push messages to employee or the employee groups from the web console.

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We provide best tools to improve productivity and lower operational costs of managing field employees and operations.